Executive Summary

In recognition of the critical role that information systems play in Aspen Grove solution’s business activities, the company and its management team is committed to ensuring all access to, storage, use of, and processing of information managed by Aspen Grove Solutions is performed in a secure manner in accordance with this information security policy.

Aspen Grove Solutions is committed to adopting a security model in line with ISO27001 international best practice standards.

This Information Security Policy and supporting Policies provides a framework in which security threats to Information Systems under Aspen’s management can be identified and managed on a risk basis and establishes terms of reference, which are to ensure uniform implementation of Information security controls throughout the company. Everyone at Aspen Grove Solutions is expected to be familiar with and consistently apply the framework on a day-to-day basis as well as contributing to the overall security awareness and improvements within the company.

The company recognizes that failure to implement adequate Information security controls could potentially lead to:

  • Financial loss
  • Irretrievable loss of important company and clientdata
  • Damage to the reputation of Aspen Grove Solutions and its clients
  • Legal consequences
  • Therefore measures must be in place, which will minimize therisk to Aspen Grove Solutions and its clients from unauthorized modification,destruction or disclosure of data, whether accidental or deliberate

This Information Security Policy and all supporting policies apply to all staff and 3rd party workers within Aspen Grove Solutions.

Aspen Grove Solutions critically depends on continued customer confidence. This confidence has been gradually increased and is the result of many years of dedicated effort on the part of Aspen Grove Solutions workers. While it is slow to grow, this confidence can be rapidly lost due to problems such as hacker intrusions causing system outages. The trust that customers have in Aspen Grove Solutions is a competitive advantage that must be nurtured and grown with efforts such as this information security initiative.

The full policy is available here.

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