Executive Summary

As part of a modern and efficient organization Aspen Grove uses mobile devices such as notebook computers, USB hard drive, memory stick and Personal Digital Organizers to better serve our clients, however all these devices must be used in a secure manner. This policy serves to outline management’s commitment to protecting the information that exists on these devices to ensure that they are continuously kept in a secure manner.

Tele-working is an essential part of Aspen Grove as workers travel for business purposes and work out of the office from time to time. This policy outlines Management’s commitment to ensure that tele-working is undertaken in a secure manner to protect the company and client’s information.

This Security Policy is a supporting policy of the main Information Security Policy within Aspen Grove and must be implemented in conjunction with the main policy.

This Information Security Policy and all supporting policies applies to all staff and 3rd party workers within Aspen Grove who use mobile devices or avail of tele-working.

Aspen Grove critically depends on continued customer confidence. This confidence has been gradually increased and is the result of many years of dedicated effort on the part of Aspen Grove workers. While it is slow to grow, this confidence can be rapidly lost due to problems such as hacker intrusions causing system outages. The trust that customers have in Aspen Grove is a competitive advantage that must be nurtured and grown with efforts such as this information security initiative.

The full policy is available here.

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