Purchasable Courses

Course Description: This course is designed for the new Aspen iAgent(r) user and builds a solid foundation in the concepts, tools and features found in the Aspen iAgent(r) system. In this hands-on introductory course learners can define their learning experience with three learning check points within the seventeen, three to five minute run tutorials, starting with learning how to access the Aspen iAgent(r) portal to the Expense and Cash Flow system. Learners will walk through a typical workflow using the tools and features of the latest version of the Aspen iAgent(r) system ending with a real-world fundamental simulation for the leaner to feel hands-on experience prior to registration. Once you have become an Aspen iAgent(r) Accredited Professional you will have the ability to return to your training and choose a lesson of choice in non-sequential order for your fundamental refreshment needs.

Course Prerequisites: Basic computer knowledge, registration with Aspen iAgent(r).

Course Duration: 2 hours

*This course is included with your annual Aspen iAgent(r) registration fee.